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Paper reviews

The goal of the panel reviews is to critically read and analyze the paper(s). Reviewing is a central practice in the academic community; our goal for the course is for you to have a better grasp on what constitues a strong review and how to write strong reviews for a variety of different papers. At the top level, reviews should address:

  1. the main contributions of the paper(s),
  2. the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, and
  3. questions/discussion items you have based on the work.

For this course, reviews should be a few paragraphs (in the style of a conference review, say for ACL or NeurIPS). To provide further guidance, please refer to the ACL Reviewer Tutorial and the NeurIPS Reviewer Guidelines.

In addition, while there are many ways to write a good review, we provide two examples:


Reviews will be graded pass/fail and should be submitted by 11:00 AM PST on Gradescope on the day of the lecture. For weeks when you are responsible for paper discussions, you will want to take additional time in thinking about questions/discussion items.